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Re: SunPro meter on Sale

          If you look either in Hemmings Motor News or European Car, both 
          list suppliers of used and remanufactured parts.  Complete window
          regulators seem to go for around $150 to $175.   Having replaced 
          both of mine in my '85 GT, it is much easier to replace as a 
          whole unit.   A lot of junk yards in my area do not carry Audi's 
          later than 83-84 on average.  The window regulators won't be 
          compatible anyway, with '84 being a changeover year.  One I did 
          find for mine had a frozen bearing after the worm gear in the 
          motor, I had paid $25 for it at a local yard.  Needless to say, 
          it is still sitting in my garage (junkyards don't guarentee the 
          parts to work).  If you can't find the phone numbers, email me
          and I'll dig them out for you.
          Paul Souza