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200T/5KT: Re: Replacing Shocks on 200T

On Mar 23, 10:09pm, Peter Tracy wrote:
> Subject: Replacing Shocks on 200T
> I am about to replace the shocks on my 1990 200 Turbo (front wheel drive)
> with 85K miles. After looking at the Bentley manual I have some questions:
> 1. Is a special tool needed to remove the cap at the top of the strut which
> holds the shock in?
> 2. Should I plan on replacing the strut bearing. These often wear on Audi
> 4000s and VW Golfs. Do they wear in the larger cars?
>-- End of excerpt from Peter Tracy

	Had the ones on mine ('85 5KT) done by Sears two days ago: he
	had the special tool (which isn't so special anymore apparently,
	because late model GM cars have the same kind of arrangement), which
	allowed him to do the job in about 45 minutes. (Would've taken
	him less if he had ever done an Audi before).

	They might be willing to put your cartridges in for you for
	the same installation price that they charged me to put in
	their own ($20 a side): if they are, you're probably better
	off having them do it.  I can't imagine the special tool
	being either easily available or particularly cheap. (But the
	job sure looks dead simple).

	The new Gabriels they put in sure beat the hell of the limp
	104K-mile cartridges I had in the car ... man, what a difference!


	PS: In keeping with our new subject-line convention, should
	200T be 2HT (leaving the interested reader to mull over this
	one :-))?

Arun Rao, '85 5KT, 104K
1001 W. Cutting Blvd.
Pt. Richmond, CA 94804