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5KTQ: Re: Help my 5KTQ

On Mar 24,  9:00am, Michael Spiers wrote:
> Subject: Re: Help my 5KTQ
> I'm sorry to change the pace of this conversation, but what exactly are these
> stages you guys are talking about?  I always just thought the fan turned on
> off whenever it got hot...
> -Mike
> 87 5000CS TQ
>-- End of excerpt from Michael Spiers

	The 5K (only turbos?) have a three-speed cooling fan: normal,
	loud, and wind-tunnel speeds :-).  If you live in a not-so-hot
	place, you may never hear the third: I only hear it in summer
	here in the Bay Area.  And if you don't pay close attention,
	you may not have noticed the lowest speed.


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