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Re: Help my 5KTQ

On Fri, 24 Mar 1995, Michael Spiers wrote:

> I'm sorry to change the pace of this conversation, but what exactly are these
> stages you guys are talking about?  I always just thought the fan turned on and
> off whenever it got hot...
> -Mike
> 87 5000CS TQ
 Hey Mike, 
    As far as I know, the electric cooling fan on the 5000TQ 100,200TQ has 
three different cooling speeds. The one you hear running after you run the 
car hot and then shut it off that continues several times depending on 
coolant temp is stage one. The one you hear running when you turn the A/C 
on or that comes on with the car running is stage two. THe one that you 
don't want to hear or should'nt hear is stage three that is made for 
emergency cooling like(can't remember name) described in his car that 
sounds like a DC-10 was landing in front of him. I had the unfortunate 
luck of having my cooling fan burn up on me due to failed bearings. This 
is direct/ continuous wiring with no relay or fuse to blow before 
toasting $1200 worth of electricals. 
            Hope this helps,