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Re: TAP mods

>         Steve,
>             I must have missed the previous messages concerning this group rat
>e for TAP mods, or at least I think thats what this is concerning, right?  What
> exactly is the TAP deal?  I am possibly interested if the price is right.
>                                                 Thanks,
>                                                Daniel Hussey
>                                                  '88 5kTQ

The deal is that, if we have 3 or more ECU's go in at the same time, they
will cut us 15% off their usual $395 price for the mod for 10V turbo
engines, like on your 5KTQ and my TQC.  The price is then just under $338,
which I think is great.  It puts you up to 220-225 HP and includes the ECU
mod with increased boost and correct requisite timing adjustments and a
stronger wastegate spring.  This would appear to be equivalent, performance
mod wise, with Ned's (IA) Stage 2 package.  

Trevor at TAP recommends setting it up once with an accurate boost gauge
(connected by a tee inserted right off the ECU boost connection).  The dash
gauge actually elctronically measures manifold pressure, not true boost
pressure.  He recommends setting it up for 12.5 - 14 or so psi boost,
depending on where you live (altitude) which jives with the 0.9 bar boost
oft quoted by others.  TAP does all there own work, programming
included...Ivor used to work with Dave Sutton's Audi rally effort in Great
Britain and they know the cars.  

I'm going to do it within the next few months or earlier, depending on
other interest.  One college student at CSU would like to wait until late
May.  Whatever works out for everyone is okay with me, as long as it doen't
take too long.  If we get six people interested, we can do it at two
separate times and still get the deal.   It just has to be 3+ at a given

Are you an SEC Gamecock out there?  Used to teach at Alabama...the first
time I went through graduation they sent me a gown with Gamecock colors
instead of those for that other USC out in California!