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TAP mods/interested parties/10V turbos


Haven't done the TAP mod deal, as yet...will be looking to do it sometime
in the next few months.  So far, interested parties appear to include the
following people.  Those listed, please let me know if you really are
interested and your time frame.  If you're not on the list, let me know
also.  I'll try to coordinate the latter part of next week when I get back
from a business trip.

By the way, anyone ever try the V6 mod(+16 HP).  I might consider that for
my wife's '93 90 after this...shhh!

Steve Marinello
'83 TQC

Mike Spiers             5KTQ
Chad Clark              5KTQ (preference for late May)
Dan Hussey              5KTQ
Steve Buchholz          TQC
Carl DeSousa
Graydon Stuckey         5KTQ