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Re: "undectable" RDs

On 24 Mar 1995 glen.powell@smc.com wrote:

>   YES! There exist "undectable" radar detectors, I have seen them
>   advertised in one of the popular magazines, perhaps Autoweek, or EC, etc.
>   I think they use a different "mixer" or "hetrodyne" frequency from that
>   which the detector-detectors are looking for and are no more expensive
>   than other quality RDs. If/when I see one of the ads again I will post
>   the info to the group, tho' I bet someone here beats me to it!
>   -glen
Also, I understand there are radar dectector detector detectors available. 
(No Joke.)  I'm not sure which company offers this feature but one of the 
new "undetectable" radar detectors will actually tell you when you are 
being "zapped" by a radar detector detector.  Thus this would be a radar 
detector detector detector.  Ah, the great electronics war.  I believe 
that the companies that make the radar units also make the detectors (and 
therefore gobs of profits whenever they escalate the war another band).
With my tongue nowhere near my cheek,