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Re: RD confiscation/destruction?/audi oil filters

>Hi jim,
>(man, I bet we'll be able to keep this going forever.  Yummy!)
>Jim, *Please* do not take this personly.  But, what you describe is how
>they pick up the *sheep*, not the wolves.  If you're gonna boogie, you
>gotta know enough *not* to be nailed by such lame tactics as these. 
I agree it's a lame tactic, but . . .

Guillermo just confirmed the beating the bush tactic, I knew it was too easy 
for them to pass up. 

No flame taken.  Actually I work very hard at it, but just when I think I've
heard it all they come up with something new (ie. Pittsburg unmarks
pull over to the side with trunk open and hazards on (no pillar light,
dressed up civilian oldsmobile I think, even whitewalls - nasty) then
radiate you as you go by) 

In the past I've hidden my rd in map books and other stuff, just to remove
the annoyance factor from a following patrol, I just figured a remote
would make things a little neater inside - another toy really.

>flame amigo, but fast driving is *hard* work, because of the concentration
>you gotta put into knowing where and what all the other vehicles are, as
>well as reading the terrain, *always* looking for a likely ambush spon.  If
>you know what an unmarked cop car looks like (signature Stance, tires, spot-
>lite on driver's A pillar), you won't get nailed *this* way (some other way,
>I always slow *Way* down at night, because I can't read the other cars, not
>only the on-comming cars, but the closing cars.  When I'm rollin', and I
>see a car in my mirror *Closing* on me, I "get legal" (with out braking) and
>stay legal until I can make a positive ID.  If he's a "runner", the time I
>loose waiting to ID him will be made up after I tuck in behind him after he
>passes.  Bear bait in front is a *good* thing...
Bear bait will probably become extinct at this rate in this part of the country

Actually I find the worst threat is the oncoming bear.  I learned about the 
bear before I left college - a taxachussets trooper (interceptor type) 
caught up 
with me on the way to cape cod, I was so shook up he didn't have the heart to 
give me a ticket.

>Custodian, Porschephiles
>Wife, Varmint, Porsche, etc.