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Re: Undetectable Detectors

>On Mar 24, 10:15pm, Robert Phillips wrote:
>> A friend and I discovered that his garage door opener would set off a
>> radar detector in the car as well as some nearby in other cars.
>Does this mean that they will screw up a cops radar as well?  An interesting
>little tid-bit.  A friend of mine went to the Air Force Academy in Colorado
>Springs, Colorado.  He told me that for kicks some of the pilots out there
>would fly over highways (in their F16's) and acquire target-lock on fast moving
>cars.  Apparently this makes fuzz-busters go off the deep end!

Hmmm, in my previous life I worked for Grumman who built among
other things the EA-6B , an aircraft whose sole purpose is to cause
grief for radar units.  Well, it seems a local sheriff was  treating
a certain naval base as his hunting ground.  This was quite a while
ago and instant on wasn't in fashion yet.  At some point every EA-6B
sortie included a seek and destroy on this locals radar unit.  He got the
jim h
>87 5000CS TQ