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Re: NOS on Audis

On 27 Mar 1995 glen.powell@smc.com wrote:

>   NOS applications for VWs are not nonexistant. I'm sure you could find
>   something that would work on an Audi  from one of the big VW shops, Ron's
>   Parts, or a company by the name _NOS_. Check out page 40 of the April '95
>   European Car magazine, you'll find mention of a 4-valve VW with a NOS
>   setup and associated HW.

I have seen NOS kits for VW's!  Autotech makes a kit for both the 8V and 
the 16V engines, as well as a "custom fit" system with four nozzles that 
you attach to your manifold.  The kits are made by *the* N.O.S.

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