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Sub' brake question

On Wed, 29 Mar 1995, Steve Dambrowski wrote:

>   I guess my question is does that sound right? (As far as the results of 
> not having the rotors cut) Do you need to have everything done when you 
> put new pads on? Will it hurt anything to just put the pads on?

I have had it happen both ways:
One time, I put on a new set of pads, and they squealed for *quite* a 
while before they wore in.  BTW, this was with new rotors.

I put on a set of Repco Metalmasters, with new rotors, and they have 
worked fine.

If you are *not* replacing the rotors, I would recommend having them 
turned(cut), as it provides a fresh/even surface for the new pads to 
grip.  If the rotors are scuffed/gouged a little, they will eat the new 
pads in a hurry.