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Re: Special Tools?

Eddi adds:

> If a socket has an external hex at the back end, then instead 
> of using the 3/8" rachet, a large box wrench can hold the socket/nut
> in place.

no, because the nut is recessed in a cup on top of the strut tower.
believe me, I tried... (4000SQ)
>  > Get a 7mm (long) hex
>  > key for another $10 or so (odd size) and you've got all
>  > the tools you need. 
> A long 7mm hex would be needed here also.
> Hmmm. I used a 7/8" spark plug socket (for my VW GTI strut top), I think it
> was 22mm also. Is there really enough slack on those O2 sensor sockets to
> make it fit (3/4" kinda = 19 mm)?

oops... make that 7/8" (it was 22 mm)

-steve powers