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Re: Special Tools?

 > Eddi adds:
 > > If a socket has an external hex at the back end, then instead 
 > > of using the 3/8" rachet, a large box wrench can hold the socket/nut
 > > in place.
 > no, because the nut is recessed in a cup on top of the strut tower.
 > believe me, I tried... (4000SQ)

I wasn't very clear on this. What I meant was:

  Place the (7/8") box wrench on the back of the 22mm socket (which 
  should be taller than the recessed area). This can only be done on 
  sockets with an external hex. The box wrench will now clear the 
  recessed area. 

  Slip the long, 7mm hex through the 3/8" (or 1/2") square hole of the
  socket. That's why a rachet can't be used. 

  Set the hex key on the strut shaft first before covering the 22mm nut
  with the socket. 

If your O2-sensor socket had an external hex and your hex key wasn't 
entering from the side of the (usually narrow) slit, then I didn't
present an alternate solution.

-- Eddi

 > -steve powers