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Re: Replacing Shocks on 200T

> In my experience -- I've dealt with this twice -- one of two things will be
> visible when you check this: 1) the metal bushing through which the strut
> shaft protrudes will have broken free from the surrounding rubber (this is
> very obvious) or 2) when you bounce the car, you'll be able to see the nut
> and washer on the end of the strut move slightly.
OK, now this is going to be under the hood, under the black plastic cap up in
front of the windshield, right?  I'll have to go check this at lunchtime...

> This is an easy repair (make sure to mark the alignment before you take it
> apart and save yourself a bit of extra work) and since GPR gets something
> like $12 a piece for these, it's pretty cheap too.

Um, can the upper bearing be replaced without the removal of the strut or
wheel?  I can't remember what it looks like under there - can this all be done
from the top of the engine bay, right where that plastic cap is?  I've been
reading all of the posts about the strut removal/replacement process, and
dreading doing this myself.  Do I have to go through all of those proceedures
as well just to replace a strut bearing?  Uhh, mark the allignment of what?  I
need a Bentley!

87 5000CS TQ