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Re: Replacing Shocks on 200T

> >> Um, can the upper bearing be replaced without the removal of the strut
> >> or wheel?
> >
> > I have only changed struts using the car-on-ground method. Looking at the
> > car, I'd say "No". It's sandwiched by the weight of the car on the
> > springs.
> Wrong!  The upper strut bushing is NOT load-bearing and easily changed with
> the car on the ground and the strut assembly on the car.  It takes maybe 15
> minutes to do both sides (if your car doesn't have gas-pressurized inserts,
> be careful not to let the shafts fall through the hole as it's a real pain
> to pull them back out again!).

I think there are two different discussions going on here.  From looking at the
fax out of a Bentley, and from the Moog chasis catalog, it seems that there are
two parts that can fail: the mounting bushing, and the strut bearing.  The
mounting bushing is what is easily accesed from under the plastic cap in the
engine compartment.  The bearing looks as if it is under the plate itself,
which cannot be gotten to from the engine compartment, and is "sandwiched" by
the car's weight.  What is DEFINATELY bad on mine is the strut mount or
bushing, whatever you want to call it.  I don't know how to test for a bad
bearing.  The bushing looks easy enough to replace, but the bearing looks as if
it will require the removal of the strut assembly to get to.  Yes?  No?
 Opinions?  Comments? Buehler?  Buehler?  I need to replace at a minimum the
bushing, I don't know if the bearing is bad, how do you know?

87 5000CS TQ