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Q:5KS:PWR Steering Pump

Hi all,

My dad just call to let me know that my mom's '87 5000S has some serious pro-   blems with the power steering. He's not too good at explaining what the mechanicsaid, so I got the number and called him up. German Auto, the local Audi dealer in Birmingham,AL, had already told my dad that he needed to replace the power   steering pump AND rack. The cost would be in the neighborhood of $1600. There-  fore, the mechanic (independent garage) knew what problems to zone in on. 

The machanic told me that he had ordered a power steering pump which was proba- bly defective. The power steering was not working at all. The supplier said thatthere must be air in the system somewhere and to let the car sit overnight. The mechanic did this, and the car's power steering worked fine for a few minutes   then went 
entirely out. He said the supplier was in Florida, but didn't offer the name of the place. 

Does anyone have any idea what the problem is? How much does a power steering   pump cost (new and used/rebuilt)? Suggested vendors for that particular part? 

Thomas L. Alexander III