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Re: sagging bumper cover

On Thu, 30 Mar 1995 zm@mhcnet.att.com wrote:

> > 
> You have an '86 5000 right? If so, the side of the bumper cover cannot
> be snapped back on without removing it. The way its designed, the sides
> of the bumper cover have plastic rails that slide over a plastic piece
> anchored to the car's body. Presuming that the rail or the plastic piece
> on the car's body isn't broken, you can fix it by removing the bumper
> cover and sliding it back in so that the plastic piece fits into the
> rail.

Thanks for the info.. I should have specified... this was for a '91 90 
20v... But the procedure you posted looks like with slight variations 
will work! Thank you. Ill let you know how I do. If this doesnt do it, 
It'll find a sheetrock screw holding it on in no time!

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