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Re: Replacing Shocks on 200T

> Does anyone know what I can screw up by not replacing the strut BEARINGS
> if they are bad?  I realized I could put a shock through my hood if I
> don't replace the mounts before all too long, but what can I damage by not
> replacing the bearings (assuming they are bad?)

As I explained previously, bad strut bearings will increase the amount of
effort needed to turn the wheel -- at their worst, it can make it feel as
though the power steering has died -- or possibly cause the wheel to feel
"notchy" as you turn it.  That said, I don't think there's any damage you
can cause by leaving them in place and while I have seen several wear out,
I've never seen any wear to the point the car wasn't still operable.  BTW,
your comment about puttng a shock through the hood is not too far off ...
I've got a friend with a BMW 320i who ignored the warning signs (they are,
of course, a different design than the one used by Audi) and he now has a
matching pair of dimples in his hood!

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