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Re: RD tidbits

>         I saw a pair of cops hiding behind a guard barrier in Pontiac on 
> I-75 a few weeks ago.  They were outside their car, with a laser 
> on a tripod.  It gets better...  Behind them was a lineup of about 
> five police cruisers waiting to chase the tagged speeders.  There 
> were already 3 or 4 cruisers with cars pulled over down the road!  
> One laser, 8-10 cruisers?  I imagine they can roll in the dough 
> like that.  I flashed every decent car I saw five miles down the 
> road, especially Audis.

Although I'm not a lawyer (I just play one on TV...), I have beaten tickets
received under circumstances such as described above.  Technically speaking,
if the officer writing the ticket is NOT the one who clocked your speed and
the officer who did is not under oath when he passes along this information,
it's considered hearsay evidence and is therefore inadmissable in court. 

This argument worked well for me (five tickets, zero convictions) until the
Arizona highway patrol got smart and started having the officer writing the
ticket sign it FOR the officer who clocked the speed instead of signing for
themselves ... which is not to say that you can't still beat these tickets,
just that it's more difficult than it was a decade ago.

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