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Dodging tickets

>Although I'm not a lawyer (I just play one on TV...), I have beaten tickets
>received under circumstances such as described above.  Technically speaking,
>if the officer writing the ticket is NOT the one who clocked your speed and
>the officer who did is not under oath when he passes along this information,
>it's considered hearsay evidence and is therefore inadmissable in court. 

The other way to beat the ticket is the simple fact that the ticket "ASSUMES"
your guilt.  Here in the midwest they use a "Uniform ticket" and printed on
that ticket is your key to ZERO convictions.

In the "discription of offense" section it says, ahem, and I quote...
"And then and their commit the following offense, to wit."

Sorry guys but the constution states that I am innocent UNTIL proven guilty
and that thar ticket flys in the face of the constitution.  It should say:
"And then and their ALLEDGELY (sp?)  commit the following offense, to wit."

I have beaten ALL moving and non moving violations that have ever been
written on me by merely informing the proscutor (SP?) and the Judge that if
they would like to continue with this violation of my rights I will appeal to
a jury trial and does he really want 12 more people to find out how to beat a


Eric Fletcher