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Re: vendor access (was re TAP)

>OTOH, what's to keep a 'net savvy vendor from subscribing to the list?
> Consider also:  the roster files are available without subscribing to the

He's right here. It will be very easy for a vendor join up. In fact, there
may be one or two here now. I do know of one on another list who keeps a low
profile, but I still find him 'selling' is products indirectedly though( not
obvious or pushy). I would not bring his existence to light because he has
provided me(and the list) with much useful information and acknowledgement
of his competors good products. Overall I agree with the majority...Vote NO
on Vendor Acess(via second hand subscribing).

86 VW GTi 
87 Audi 4KS   
81 Audi 2-door 5+5