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Re: What tires to buy?

>I recently purchased an 86 4k Quattro that I use as a daily driver and 
>for Solo II racing.  The guy that had the car before me was really cheap 
>and put on some no-name 175 size tires.  Keeping in mind that the car is 
>used everyday and I can't afford a second set of tires and wheels:
>1.  What model tire should I buy to maximize racing performance?
>2.  In stock class, what is the maximum size tire I can legally run?
>3.  Should I use the widest tire or is there an advantage to narrower 
>4.  What other changes should I consider to make the car more 

Steve, you finally made it!

Right now I'm running Yokohama AVS intermediates on my GTI. They provide
excellent dry grip but have a short lifespan. Wet traction is decent and
road noise is tolerable. It seems though it would be ideal to run on autox
tires and and maybe use some all-season perf tires year-round. Or maybe a
set of snow tires for the winter mounted on 14" steel wheels and put some
sticky tires on for summer and racing. 

If you have access to http browser, check out


there is some extensive and very useful info on this subject.

On tire sizes;

Good Luck...see you on the 7 of May!

86 VW GTi 
87 Audi 4KS   
81 Audi 2-door 5+5