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Re: Lobbying for speed limit increases

I know of two organizations fighting on behalf of reasonable drivers: 
RADAR which mainly tackles radat detector issues (they are after all
heavily supported by RD manufacturers) and the the National Motorists
Association (NMA).  Their main goal is fighting for reasonable traffic
laws (ie. higher speed limits).  Besides putting out info in a quarterly
newsletter they also lobby at national and state level. They also provide some
assistance in fighting speeding tickets, including I believe paying the
cost of one ticket a year if a member contests the charge and loses (only
restriction I think is that you must have been a member for one year at
least).  Would double-check info: Their membership phone number is 1800
882 2785.  I don't remember how much membership dues are, but they are
reasonable.  They will also rent out to you a legal resource kit for going
to court that has a collection of "how to materials" that help somewhat in
preparing to go to court.  I joined them after getting my first ticket
courtesy of a NY state revenue enhancement officer who
liberally interpreted the capabilities of his radar unit.  Good luck, and
don't forget to check your six!

Guillermo S. Christensen
Mclean, Virginia
'84 Audi 4000S Quattro
'93 BMW 325is

On 31 Mar 1995 glen.powell@smc.com wrote:

>   If anyone here on the list is active in NRA politicking or lobbying, they
>   would be a GREAT place to start in looking for advice, etc. on how to
>   accomplish change in our speed laws & regs.
>   Just a side note, I was looking at the insurance points structure in NH
>   just last week.
>   Fatal accident or over $5000 in damage:   2 points
>   Accident under $5000 in damage:                 1 point
>   Various "violations" including speeding:     up to*4* points
>   Get a moving violation, up to 4 points, take a life, only 2......
>   Where the F__K  are our priorities?