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TQC: display problems

The lower console display in my '85 Ur-quattro acts strange. The
oil-temperature is not displayed by just one green-lit line (as it should
be), but by several lines, also varying in intensity. Sometimes up to seven
lines are lit, and some lines in between are not lit. It is quite difficult
to get an idea of the real oil temperature this way. What could be the
cause? I've already tried switching the display with the same display of my
other car, a Coupe quattro, but the problem stayed with the car.

There is another problem with this display, being the diff lock lights.
When accelerating hard at speeds over 80 mph (on German Autobahns, but
sometimes also on highways in The Netherlands) the diff lights start
burning. Of course I don't use the diff locks at that time. When lifting
the accelerator pedal the lights usually go off, sometimes the rear end one
stays on, or goes out last. It only seems to happen under accelerating.

I'm not really sure if the diffs themselves also lock up, or if it's just
the display that goes wrong. I have experienced heavier steering at speeds
over 120 mph in long bends when the lights were on, so it is possible that
the diffs really lock up. Has anyone experienced these kind of problems?

BTW I think the quattro list is great!

Hugo van der Vlist
Vleuten, The Netherlands

85 TQC  tornado red
85 CQ   lhasa green