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Re: errant speedo(was wg diaphragm)


I looked at Bently and the situation that I think is happening isn't
obvious to my rather feeble intellect (after all, we're in the company of
at least one space scientist :-)) from the wiring diagrams.

What happened at work last week was this.  I put a fuel pump into a 90 100
(as you no doubt know that means I was in the trunk) and after I was done
the speedo & dash lights didn't work.  Aparently there had been ongoing
intermittent dash & rear light problems [big sigh of relief].

I checked the fuses still wondering if it was a coincidence that this
happened right after being in the trunk but fully expecting to be pulling
out the dash printed circuit.   Only the backup light fuse was bad.  I took
a guess, cut into the harness that goes to the trunk lid, found the ground
wire broken, the backup light wire shorted to the ground wire, and a couple
of cross shorts in wires I didn't recognize.  After making it right for
just the backup lights I thought, the speedo & dash lights were fixed as
well.  It's been about a week.

The trunk interior light and the alarm have constant power, so if there is
a cross short some of the gadgets that can be fed or backfed are the rear
bulb control unit, alarm, dash auto dimmer, ck engine lite, coolant gauge,
a/c control head, and so on.  This is sort of like electrical
inbreeding...it's hard to say what's going to happen....probably nothing good!

An appropriate question might be, did you transport something to sunrise
service in your trunk?

Hope you had a good Easter.

-ned bennett