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Re:URQ Rear Diff Seals..NED..WG...


Nobody at the shop is interested in Watkins Glenn except for Pete..77 bus
camper comes down the back stretch....straining to gain speed so he can
brake for the corner...oops, he's flopped it over on its side & it can't
get up...maybe next time!!!

I'm still trying to gauge the real interest of my own family...if Kate can
drive the GTI/G60 she's definitely there.  Havn't seen Josh in person since
Christmas but he says he's up for it.  Uncle Sam just took it *all* so I'm
feeling somewhat conservative at the moment.

Is any of your family in New Hampshire during the week? I'm going to try to
do New England Dragway this Wednesday with the 5kt...should be fairly easy
to spot the Audi people...they're the ones with the 502 big blocks, 671
blowers sticking out of the hoods, tubbed rear ends etc etc...

Does anyone know where to get rear differential drive flange seals for an
URQ??? How about the measurements??? Oh..and for less than *$72*!!!!

Today? It's an Oowwwwwwwww! (that seal's expensive) Deeeeee!

-ned bennett