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4ks-suspension knock


Ok, a true test of abnomal Audi behavior - 
  In the past three months I have replaced outer cvs, strut bearings and just last week wheel bearings on my '86 4ks. All 
other suspension hardware checks out fine. I had all of the work done at one shop, except the bearings. When I dropped 
the car off for the bearings there were no problems other than the roaring of the bearings. As soon as I picked the car up 
the bearings were noticably better BUT...
  Whenever the car is fully turned left or right, something in the suspension knocks, both left and right, once. Doesn't 
reoccur until wheel is fully locked the other way. I immediately took it back to wheel bearing shop. They checked it out 
and said the only thing it could be was the cvs. I found that hadr to believe, but I took the car back to the cv shop, a 
vw/audi exclusive shop. They pulled the cvs, inner and outer. cvs were fine. All other suspension hardware checks out 
  Neither shop knows what is causing the knock!  I am at a loss too. There are only a couple pieces that pivot as the 
wheel is turned. And they check out fine. Could it be with the steering rack? Also - this car NEVER made a sound like 
that before, is there any way the wheel bearioing chop could have caused this, or should I chalk it up to coincidence?

*gasp* didn't mean to take up so much space, I wanted to describe it completely, though.

Thanks, Todd