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4ks muffler question

A couple questions for a 4ks...

I have a center muffler that is just about gone. I am going to replace it with a straight pipe following the 
original's bends. I figure this will blow out my rear muffler faster and then relace the rear with some type of 
performance muffler. Has anyone heard of/ tried this?

Also, How tough are wheel bearing replacement (front) on this car... I think mine are in trouble for the 
following: increasingly loud "rumble". sound increases with speed. Sound continues with clutch in, motor off 
and coasting, with the transmission in any gear. Could it be anything else?

And, before I run out of breath... I am thinking of installing aux. lights (never heard of that before, huh?) I 
bought an extra grille to experiment with, I was going to put two rounds/rectangles just inboard the headlights,
I'm wondering about aesthetics... any opinions round or rect.?

I've put 18k miles on this car since I bought it last April, 105k now... I've replaced things pretty regularly, but all 
minor stuff. The car is remarkably solid for the age/miles, I've always been a VW man, but I think I've changed 
camps in the past year...

Thanks, hope I didn't bore...

'86 4ks
'87 Maserati Biturbo Si
'84 Jeep Scrambler