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Audinet lives

Audinet does still exist! Mark Salem wrote that his server sometimes dies,
but I've been able to reach it again last week. There are some really nice
pictures of Ur-quattros and other Audis in there. I have downloaded my own
Audi-slideshow on the Mac now. The address is:


Sometimes it is difficult to reach the site. Try it at a different time of
the day or on a different day.

Other nice automotive sites that I have found are:

                                                the British car magazine
http://www.primenet.com/~dadalus/index.html     a nice start on the Net
                                                various rallying links
http://pscinfo.psc.edu/%7Ersnodgra/Ferrari/     yes, Ferrari
http://www.law.indiana.edu/misc/b-cars.html     on British cars

Have fun!

Hugo van der Vlist
Vleuten, The Netherlands

85 TQC  tornado red
85 CQ   lhasa green