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Re: ABS sensor problem

Thought I posted you back, but here goes....  Don't use brake cleaner to
clean the splines, that qwik fix could cost you new wheel bearings.....
  Regarding the lite, the abs uses a constant monitor for the abs, and if one
of the perameters is not right, it defaults to off (for more on why, recent
issue of autoweek describes the "integral abs" recall the pentastar boys are
facing...   Sounds to me like the hydraulic pump needs repl., I'd do that
first, my guess is that low power boost could affect the abs diagnostic....
 Esp if your abs defaults to off (lite on) when you first start the car....
 After you install the pump, and you still have the lite on, go back to
sensor placement, but if you can get the lite to shut off at all (more that
the 10sec diag run) then chances are you are ok there....  Also check to make
sure you have a "strong 12v" to the relay at the abs computer, this could
also give you the problem you describe....  Let us know how you do.......