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Roster Updates

Hi Y'all,

Updated rosters (short form and long form) were sent to Dan a coupla days 
back.  I don't know if he's managed to get them installed yet, but if not 
yet, then soon.

If you have additions or corrections, please send them to me for 
inclusion in the next edition.  I'd appreciate it if you'd use the same 
basic format as the existing files.

Please note, I've had an address change since the last notice.

| Robert L. (Bob) Myers  <rmyers@olie.wvitcoe.wvnet.edu>     |
| (304) 442-3358 Office  (304) 574-2372 Home                 |
| Obligatory references for Sleddog and Quattro lists:       |
| My Siberian Huskies like to ride in my '89 200 TQ.         |