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re: "Hydraulic" oil

Robert Phillips writes:

|  I have been thinking about this for quite some time.
|  I have an 87 4000S, 1.8L
|  The cap on the power steering says ATF.
|  The reservoir says "use only mineral oil"

and a couple responses re:  Redline.


In my '87 4000 CSQ, the owner's manual and the cap said ATF. 
I didn't catch the label--due to the grime that accumulated after the PS pump
gradually sprayed fluid all over the place.  Use the pentosin.

Early on in my ownership of the car, i used minute-lube (pls hold the
flames--error acknowledged), where they (i think) used atf in the ps system.
 A couple years later, the ps pump seals let go.  Audi replaced the ps pump
under warranty after I complained about a noisy ps pump, but it happened
again, at year 6.  This time, my mechanic flushed and cleaned the system the
best that he could (but who knows about the rack seals)--and showed me the