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Re[2]: more lighting questions

          Bob writes [paraphrasing]:

          "Maybe I misunderstood, but I thought you should never
          switch ground, only power."

          Can't imagine why. I wouldn't switch the ground off the bulb
          itself...do that and you're asking for trouble...someone
          else commented that it will eat bulbs too.

          I referred to switching the ground off the *relay*. Why
          would you *not* want to do that? Bob? Anyone?

          I've wired lamps this way for 20 years and haven't had to
          put one out yet. Uh, strike that, there *was* a little
          problem with the lights on my wife's Camry, but it wasn't my
          fault. Honest. I meant to put the fuse inline. I really did.
          Pretty blue smoke and a weird smell! And that was from
          my wife! <g>

          So why shouldn't you switch ground?

          Lee Levitt