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Re: more lighting questions

>        1. Where's the best place to find power and a switched circuit?
>        Under the FB? Is it easily removable? Somewhere else?
Try the battery jump point under the hood.  Make sure to put an in-line fuse
as close to possible to this point.  Lead this to your relay(s)
triggered/grounded by your switch circuit.  You'll need to run the switch
circuit on your own--punch a small hole in the side of the fuse box to drop
the wire behind the dash, or look for extra, unused grommets in the firewall.
 Why puall another 10+ amps through the fuse box? even if it might have the
capacity (I'd been wary of VW/Audi electrics with my '77 rabbit and my folk's
'80 4000 and its cruise control, dim lights, etc;  it was very much confirmed
when Farmer's ended up buying my sister's 4000 after an electrical fire under
the dash)
>        2. Where in hell do I put a switch for these things? All my dash
>        are already taken up with stuff! What's the hot tip for adding
>        BTW, I don't want to put toggle switches anywhere near my (wife's)
>        knees! I prefer rocker switches...what do I do, mount one in the
>        between the shift and the parking brake? I'd really prefer not to hav
>        to cut big holes in this area...
The slickest setup is to use the center console mounted fog light
switch--just like the one used for the rear fog.  You should be able to get
this at the dealer--looks great, only you'll have to remove the coin holder
(do you really use this or does it just sit there and look pretty?)  Good
call to avoid the knees--the previous owner of my car didn't--I haven't moved
it yet and occasionally bang the right shin getting into the car.  

BTW, another neat switch that goes in here is the headlight beam adjustment
switch.  This is a rotary switch (looks just like the seat heat control) that
works with a couple motors for the H4 light assemblies--lets you adjust the
light angles from inside the car.  Oh, uh, we don't qualify for those here in
the states--Euro-spec.  (somewhere I have info on this--part #s, etc.  I'll
have to look for this--email me offline if anyone's interested.  As you might
expect, this stuff is a few $$$, but quite trick!  And, if anyone has a good
source in Europe for these kinda parts,  names?  addresses?)
>  So I checked the "city" lights on the car (the inboard spots). ...
On the Euro H4 light system, the "city" lights are a *very* low intensity
light.  They actually sit at the bottom of the main headlight reflector, not
the inboard locations--when they are on, even at night, it looks like you
left your lights on all day and your battery is dying.  Some advertisers in
EC sell kits to let you mimic this effect with any "aero" headlight system.
 I have no idea how high (light wattage/cp) you can go with this approach.
 The inboard locations hold an H1 or H3 (never looked) and are high-beam