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re: more lighting questions

Richard or Mike (sorry, I'm confused) writes:

> Would be a cake walk to run a power lead from your dash headlight switch to
> relayed power for the fogs if you would not mind running the fogs in
> conjunction with the headers at all times.


> I'm not sure I follow your wiring diagram, it'll come to me.  I tend to
> use HD offroad harnesses as all my bulbs are 85W or better and that
> relay has to be grounded to the body.

Grounded yes. To the body? Not directly. Here's my feeble attempt at providing a
diagram (wish I remembered which was 30, 86, 87...)

light hot--------------hot 12V   relay   to 12 volt source
light ground to body                     to switched 12 volt
                                         to rocker switch  --- to ground

Most people run the relay to switched 12 volt through a switch. With this you 
have +12 going through the firewall, under the dash, through the switch and then
to your switching source.

No need to do this. You're just grounding the relay, not the lights themselves. 
They have their own grounds, which you ought to take right off the back of the 
bulb to an appropriate terminal on the body. (Not the bumper and not through the
mount to the bumper)

If you ground the relay through the switch IMCO you have a much safer switching 

Am I on track here? What happened to my original question? What the hell was it 
anyway ;-) Oh right, where do I put the switch and should I up the power on the 
city lights?


Lee Levitt
1990 Audi 200 61K
1988 Volvo 745T 107K