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Re: Alignment techniques

While on the subject of alignments and the quality (or lack there of) found in

Is it really that hard to do an alignment *and* get the steering wheel pointing
straight ahead (i.e. wheel straight = front wheels centered)?!?! I've had
a couple of alignments done on my '93 90CS, and each time the wheel had ended
up pointing in a different direction from the front wheels. Not by much, but
it's annoying.

I complained about this to the service department, and they tried to fix it
by removing the steering wheel and repositioning it. Trouble is, it's off by
less than one step around the splines on the shaft. Too bad, they said.

I contend, though, that if you take a little care when you do the alignment,
you can have the steering wheel centered properly. After all, that's how it
comes from the factory.

Am I crazy? I've never done an alignment job myself, but I think I understand
the principle. Or are the mechanics just lazy?