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Re: Alignment techniques

>From:	SMTP%"newbold@banshee.camb.inmet.com"      "Chris Newbold"  4-APR-1995 11:58:20.19
>Subj:	Re: Alignment techniques
>While on the subject of alignments and the quality (or lack there of) found in

>Is it really that hard to do an alignment *and* get the steering wheel pointing
Nope, the hard part is finding someone who *genuinely* knows how to align,
and the harder part is finding said person with quattro experience.
>Am I crazy? I've never done an alignment job myself, but I think I understand
>the principle. Or are the mechanics just lazy?

You aren't crazy Chris!  Well, maybe you are, but it has nothing to do with
your (car) alignment problem. ;)

In my 35,000 miles and 1.5 years of experience with my '88 5000tq, I've had
about 6 alignments done.  First one really messed up the car.  Second, by
the same shop after I complained, made things marginally better at best.
Third and fourth by a different shop to fix the first two alignments.  They
didn't.  After each of the first four alignments, the car always pulled
strongly to the right.  Shops would blame it on the tires being cone shaped.
Unfortunately, I didn't have the presence of mind to go running from the
second shop after the guy said "Ain't never done one of dem AwwwDeees before".

Fifth and sixth alignments were done by a shop my regular mechanic suggested.
The shop owner was the one who did the work, and had worked on many Audi's
before.  He aligned the car properly, no more pull, except that caused
by the crown of the road.

Unfortunately, one set of new Dunlops (D60/A2) were destroyed by the first
four mis-alignments.  Fortunately, they are relatively cheap thru Tire Rack.

I wish the car didn't eat suspension parts, since each suspension fix 
requires another alignment.  And my alignment shop (and mechanic) are 
about 200 miles away :(   Such is the life of a rural OwDee owner.

In summary...if they can't align it correctly the first time, they probably
can't align it at all.  Don't accept excuses!

Just my $200.00 in misalignments worth.

'88 5000tq with the new Dunlops