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Re: Specialty Tools

> I appreciate your willingness to send a money order to me since you don't
> me from Adam.

Just a quick blurb on trust.  Last Friday I posted a note sayting I was going
to do the timing belt on my girlfriends (used to be mine, out of the kindnes of
my heart I gave it to her) 5000S, could any one give me some pointers.  I
received numerous tips, including a few about these two tools needed for the
job.  One of the last messages I got was from someone saying "anyone in the DC
area, let me know cuz I've got em!"  So I dropped him a note, he gave me his
address, Saturday afternoon I showed up at his doorstep.  We talked for about
an hour and a half about Audi's (much to his wife's chagrin!) and I walked away
with $200 worth of those two special harmonic balancer tools (he had bought
them from the dealer.)  Never met me before in his life, never even E-mailed
each other directly before Friday.  Now THAT is trust!

87 5000CS TQ