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87 5kTQ InterCooler goop

OK, so I dropped by the dealer last night with some questions and my wallet.
 Bought a new idler pulley ($92.40!!!) and asked about the goop in my
intercooler.  After the service manager told me to change some seals (where are
there seals in an intercooler?!), he took me back and introduced me to an Audi
technician.  I told him my dilema, and he basically said not to worry about it.
 He said the same thing some people on this list did, that it's a product of
the crankcase vent, and perfectly normal.  Flushing, unless REALLY bad, is not
neccesary, just wipe it out with a towel.  If it is really bad, they (Audi)
send the intercoolers to a radiator shop to get flushed.  So I'm not going to
worry about it!  I wiped out the lower hose (from the intercooler to the turbo)
and the inside of the turbo intake, but I couldn't see any splines or anything
(someone on here suggested making sure the splines were in good repair.)  It
was nice and shiny in there, but all I saw was a big circular hunk of aluminum,
looked like a pulley, but it was pretty clean!  I got the belt and new idler
pulley back on last night, basically have the engine back together, just need
to hook the accessory belts back up and install the intercooler and see if it

87 5000CS TQ