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90 Audi 80 Timing Belt tools

Made a quick trip to the dealer last night.  After I asked a few technical
wrench-turning type of questions, the service manager introduced me one of his
mechanics.  This guy was incredible.  I wanted to know if the harmonic balancer
tools for the 5000's are the ones you need for the 4 cylinder 80.  After some
miscommunication, he said "you got a minute?" and led me back to the service
area.  I was in heaven!  There were A6's, S4's, V8's, all with their hoods up
and struff strewn everywhere.  Those cars are neat looking under the hood!
 Sorry, I'm drooling.  Anyway, he took me to his toolbox and showed me the
special tool to use on the 80's harmonic balancer:  a 13mm socket.  It turns
out the 80 has nothing more than the Golf/GTI engine in it.    you don't have
to fool with the harmonic balancer on these:  you just take off these four 13mm
bolts, and the pulley comes off so you can slip the new belt on.  However, the
water pump isn't what you use to tension the belt, like on the 5000's.  You
actually use the Idler Pulley, so you need to use a special tool for that.
 This looks like a large C at the end of a handle, and in the middle of the C
are two posts sticking out.  You stick the posta on this C into the holes on
the idler pulley and lever it up.  Said he bought the thing for $20 from
Snap-On (even showed me the receipt!)  Apparently the 80's are pretty easy to
do...  Of course, YMMV.

87 5000CS TQ