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5000 Shock Socket

Made a trip to the local dealer last night and talked to a service technician.
 One of the many questions I asked him was what he used to take off the top
shock nut.  He opened his toolbox and grabbed a 22mm box end wrench, that he
called off-set.  The handle came off at a 90 degree angle from the box-end,
went up about 3/4 of an inch, then turned out 90 degrees to form an otherwise
normal looking box end wrench.  Said he bought it from MAC or Snap-On, he
couldn't remember.  I asked him about the special socket (the one with a
missing sidewall) and he said he'd never even SEEN the thing, meaning no-one in
the whole service area had ever had one.  Said the box end worked just great!
 Guess I'll be hunting for a Snap-On truck on the way home tonight...

87 5000CS TQ