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Re: 5000 Shock Socket

 > I asked him about the special socket (the one with a
 > missing sidewall) and he said he'd never even SEEN the thing, 
 > meaning no-one in the whole service area had ever had one.  

I'm repeating here, but:

That's a 7/8" oxygen sensor socket. The socket has a slit because the 
wires on the sensor has to "pass thru" the socket. Fairly common.

If you can find a 22mm or a 7/8" socket that has outside-surfaced hex
facets, you could use a normal box wrench on that- then slip the allen
key thru the square hole of the socket.

I'd seen O2 sensor sockets with external hex for $8. A long allen key
socket would be around the same. 

Some of these sockets are made in Taiwan because the torque is not 
high on these sensors, but they should take the torque for the strut.

 >  Guess I'll be hunting for a Snap-On truck on the way home tonight...

Snap-On dealers are on cell-phones. Maybe Snap-On has an 800 number
(call 800-555-1212 to find out) and ask for the number of a local
"truck". In the specialty "Service equipment" tool section of the Snap-On
catalog, you'll see the O2 sensor sockets. Kinda expensive, though.

If you know of a Proto dealer, they have a tool that could be handy.
It's like an L-bent tire iron wrench, but the shaft is hollow 
thru to allow for an allen key. You could access a nut that is in a
5-inch deep well (not just 3/4")! Don't have a price or part# with me 

Let me know how you do with finding tools.

Oh, got the catalog here. For those on "the other side" :), they have
numbers covering three large areas:

  Boston, MA 800-879-3322
  Philadelphia, PA 800-926-5544
  Atlanta, GA 800-947-6655

See the black, split deep socket on page E25, in kit #THX2500 (picture A),
catalog #200. That's the $8 socket I mentioned!

Not associated with Snap-On- I just buy them used. And they give good access.

-- Eddi

 > -Mike
 > 87 5000CS TQ