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Re: Tires

 > I live in Boulder Creek and I think of it as the Bay Area.{%^)  BTW--whose
 > your mechanic.  Do you know any good ones? (I also need brakes).

Oh, the Boulder Creek that's south (kinda sorta) of Saratoga.

I don't have a mechanic. Went once to M&M Audi back in the beginning (front
bearing), then European (Auto?) on Steven Crk. in Santa Clara (out of 

Would any of the Bay Area list members have a mechanic that:
  Doesn't mind you bringing your parts?
  Does diagnosis as a separate fee?
  Has some arrangment with transportation (rental, shuttle, beater) to-from?
  Gives accurate estimates (for expectations and price comparisions)?
  Charges reasonable prices?
  You trust?

I know - too demanding.

-- Eddi