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Re: Tires

Eddi Jew writes:
> Would any of the Bay Area list members have a mechanic that:
>   Doesn't mind you bringing your parts?
>   Does diagnosis as a separate fee?
>   Has some arrangment with transportation (rental, shuttle, beater) to-from?
>   Gives accurate estimates (for expectations and price comparisions)?
>   Charges reasonable prices?
>   You trust?

Try New Dimensions in Santa Clara (408)980-1691 ask for Chris Lagattuta
(the service manager).  They are a premier VW/Audi full service/performance
tuning/parts dealer outfit, run by enthusiasts of the marques, well trained,
have reasonable rates, and uses OEM or better quality parts.  ND is also a
official Bosch service center.

I am not affiliated with ND, just a happy customer.  My Audi 4000
(as featured in the April 1994 issue of European Car magazine)
is partially the great work of ND.  If you do go to ND, tell them
Ti Kan sent you.  Perhaps they'll give me a break the next time
I do business with them :-).

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