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Idle problems

An update on my 88 90 10v idle woes...

Thanks going out to Chris Ice and Steve Buchholz for their off-line
advice.  I haven't licked it yet, but I'll keep after it.

I was able to get under the hood over the weekend and did some debugging
with the aid of the Bentley Manual.  I determined that the idle stabilizer
valve opens and closes when sent the proper current (hooked it up to
the battery and touched it on and off).  The question now is whether the
idle switch on the throttle is telling it what to do correctly.  I was
unable to get an answer with my ohm-meter when the switch harness is un-
plugged.  Audi's testing tool maintains the connection and lets you tap
into the circuit.  Why would the switch need current to work?  A switch
is a switch, no?  Oh well, I'm building alligator clips and I'll rig it
up and test it later this week.  

In the mean-time, I'm getting the front susp. bushings replaced and new
shocks all around.  hooray!

I'll keep ya posted on my adventures.


PS:  BTW, with the warm weather, the idle problems dissappeared.  There is
supposed to be an air diverter thermostat before the air filter that 
does it's thing around 50f.... Nah.... couldn't be it.... could it?