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RE: Euro Headlights for 1990 Coupe Q


I've checked into headlights for the Coupe Quattro, and price range varies 
from $250 each to $400 each.  I think Frank Deutschmann has put the 
Euro-lights on his car, so he may be able to provide more info.

The headlights are not relayed in the stock configuration.

They do not make the headlight covers for the Coupe Quattros.  I thought 
they would be the same as the 80's and 90's, but no luck.  I have seen in 
the latest Griots Garage catalog a clear film that can be applied to the 
headlights to protect them, however.

One problem about upgrading to the Euro lights/relay system is the dead bulb 
indicator in your dash.  You would no longer be monitoring the bulb, but the 
relay.  I don't know how this circuit works, does it monitor resistance, 
current flow, or ???  Something to consider.

I've thought about removing the fog lights and installing the Hella 
Auxillary lo-beams.  For $110, this may be a better alternative.

Frank, are you still out there?  Maybe you could "shed some light" on the 

Alex Chernushin
'90 Coupe Quattro