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RE: AudiWatch (Tm) Quattro Challenge POSTPONED

Postponed due to inclement weather?  I thought this was the _Quattro_ 

Alex Chernushin
From: quattro-owner
To: quattro
Subject: AudiWatch (Tm) Quattro Challenge POSTPONED
Date: Wed, Apr 19, 1995 6:01PM

  The AudiWatch (tm) Quattro Challenge scheduled for this Wed, April 19,
  has been postponed due to inclement weather. We will try again next
  Wednesday, April 26th. Sorry about the late notice, been holding out
  'till the last minute. In fact, if it clears up by the time I get to Rte
  93 and Rte 101, I'll head for the track! If you have a CB radio be on CH
  19 and give a shout for "the quattro".