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RE: TAP upgrade info/reference

Steve Marinello says:

"By the way, anyone that was at last year's Q Club school at Second Creek in
Denver should know that Oscar's black S4 was a TAP mod, as was Chip's green
S4.  Didn't hear any sputtering anytime and they sure did fly."

I think Chip's work was done by Joe Hoppen, and Oscar's was indeed TAP.  By 
the way, I was parked next to Chip at the event, and Ned wandered over, 
after some small talk about what the mods where done, he finally asked what 
the cost was.  Chip said he couldn't recall, but could look it up.

Anybody on the net planning on going to the Second Creek Event this year?  
Steve? Dave B?  Since Dave Lawson's car is in a million pieces right now, he 
might have to use the GT Coupe.  Anybody want to pitch in for a T-shirt that 
says "I really do have an Ur-Quattro"?

And finally, I put my 16 inch wheels on, with the BFG Comp T/A 3's.  With 
the H&R springs and Koni shocks, this really makes a difference in handling. 
 Now if there was only a cheap way for 50 more horsepower.....

Alex Chernushin
'90 Coupe Quattro