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TAP upgrade info/reference

For everyone's info, particularly in response to Charlie Smith's problems
with his 5000 and the TAP upgrade, this is just to put some things to rest
as far as what I have read and what I know from Trevor at TAP.  I have also
asked him to respond by fax to me with, perhaps, a letter regarding their
work and with the specific boost adjustment/setrup instructions which they
supply.  I will be surprised if they are not very similar to Ned's, which I
have on hand.

TAP stands by there work as the standard.  The responses they get from the
vast majority of customers are superlative.

First of all, they provide a chip with significantly modified programming
for the turbo upgrade.  They also return the original chip with the
modified ECU.  The chip modified is the 28 pin one on all but the MAC 02
unit, such as on my '83 TQC, in which they replace the 24 pin chip.  The
overboost limit is raised, NOT REMOVED, in all cases, which is what we're
trying to accomplish to increase HP.  In order to safely handle the
increased boost, timing, and usually fuel delivery, are also modified.  If
you don't, it will go BOOM!

The technology is modified for American spec cars from BBR's (Great
Britain) euro chip setups.  TAP is the main U.S. distributor for BBR

My own personal comments on Charlie's problems with his 5000....it's clear
that it was overboosting from the start and hitting the boost limit.  The
mod is not supposed to significantly affect output below 3000 rpm, yet he
had a lot more power from 2500-3500.  At 4000+ it breaks
up...surprise!!..hit the limiter.  It breaks up at higher rpm under partial
throttle than at full throttle...amazingly consistent problem.

By the way, the TAP upgrade, installed properly, does not screw up the OEM
boost (manifold pressure) gauge, renders it even less useful though.  The
gauge also has no effect/interaction with overboost circuit on the computer
either, as I understand it.

I don't really want to get into this anymore...rather tiring all the BOOM!!
chatter going on.  I even told Mike Spiers that I might be interested in IA
deal myself if I couldn't get a satisfactory response from TAP.  Everyone
has an individual responsibility to get their own info and make their own
decision.  I personally have not had any trouble getting straight answers
from TAP.  If you've got specifc questions, I'd say call Trevor and call
Ned and make your own call on each individual and each business.

By the way, anyone that was at last year's Q Club school at Second Creek in
Denver should know that Oscar's black S4 was a TAP mod, as was Chip's green
S4.  Didn't hear any sputtering anytime and they sure did fly.

Nuff said.  I'll try to scan in the info from TAP and get it out when it

Steve Marinello