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Info from TAP

This post is supposed to include a response and info from Trevor at TAP. 
It's taken longer than I planned because my scanner went on the fritz and
my text reader program went along with it.  The format is screwed up, but
you should still be able to read it all.  It was a four page fax with logo
and header, etc..


T.P.SOFTWARE+ROVI   RACING   904   683   2279                   P.02

TEL. 904-683-3000 FAX 904-683-2279

European Spec "CHIP" and Boost Upgrades. Your One Stop Audi Performance Shop

1106 Commercial Way (US 19)
Spring Hill. FL 34606

Hello  to  all:

My  name  is  Trevor  and  I  am  a  technician  at  T.A.P.  in  Spring
Hill,  Fl.  I  am  writing  this  in  response  to  the  many  letters in 
the  net  regarding  our  up-grades.  However,  before  I  begin I  wish 
to  stress  that  I  will  NOt point  fingers,  mention names,  or 
otherwise  place  blame  on  either  individuals  or companies.  The  sole 
purpose  of  this  letter  is  to  shed  some light  on  your  many 
questions  and/or  concerns.

The  basic  up-grade  for  an  Audi  turbo  car  consists  of modifications
 to  the  cars  computer  and  a  replacement waste-gate  spring. 
Interestingly  enough,  the  boost  set-up instructions,  which  are 
provided  with  all  turbo  up-grades, seem  to  be  regularly  neglected.

A  case  in  point:  our  instructions  consist  of  three  basic points; 
what  the  maximum  boost  level  should  be,  where  to  get an  accurate 
reading,  and  how  to  make  any  necessary adjustments.  It  really  is 
quite  simple!  Unfortunately  I  get calls  from  customers  who  have 
either  not  followed  the instructions  or  have  deviated  from  what  is
 written.  The  most common  examples  are  failure  to  use  a  proper 
boost  gauge and/or  not  connecting  it  properly.  To  get  an  accurate 
boost reading  a  pressure  gauge  must  be  teed  in  to  the  line 
leading to  the  computer.  This  will  give  waste-gate  pressure.  The
stock  gauge  in  the  car  is  reading  manifold  pressure,  which is  not
 the  same,  and  is  not  very  accurate  anyway.

A  good  example  has  already  appeared  on  the  net,  actually. The 
writer  of  the  letter  repeatedly  refers  to  his  boost pressure 
readings  according  to  the  cars  in-dash  gauge. Strangely  enough  this
 very  same  writer  indicates  early on  in  his  letter  that  he  failed
 to  use  a  mechanical gauge  from  the  start.  At  this  time  I  would 
like  to  offer anyone  who  is  interested  a  set  of  our  instructions.
 Simply call  and  ask  us  to  send  you  the  'waste-gate  spring  and 
boost level  adjustment'  instructions.  If,  after  reading  them,  you
feel  they  are  vague  or  confusing,  I  would  very  much  like  to have
 your  input.

T.P.SOFTWARE+ROVI   RACING   904   683   2279                   P.2

TEL. 904-683-3000 FAX 904-683-2279

European Spec "CHIP' and Boost Upgrades. Your One Stop Audi Performance Shop

1106 Commercial Way (US 19)
Spring Hill. FL 34606

By  the  way,  the  up-grade  does  not  'screw  up  the  OEM  boost
readout'.  However  it  does  make  it  somewhat  obsolete. Furthermore, 
the  OEM  boost  gauge  has  no  effect whatsoever  on  the  over  boost 
protection  mode  in  the computer.

The  next  topic  i'd  like  to  address  is  what  one  writer referred 
to  as  a  'boost  sensor  cheat'.  This  is  a  very interesting 
perspective  and  quite  accurate.

The  OEM  parameters  in  which  a  computer  is  programmed  to  work
within  are  exactly  what  you  Audi  enthusiasts  are  seeking  to
exceed.  You  want  higher  boost  pressures  and  thus  more hp.  This  is
 another  commonly  asked  question:  'Way  can't  I just  turn  the  stock
 boost  pressure  up?'  The  answer  is because  the  computer,  in  it's 
original  form,  won't  accept the  higher  pressure  levels  and  will 
shut  down.  In  order  to avoid  this,  you  must  make  modifications  to
 the  computer.  so in  effect,  you  are  'cheating'  the  computer.

Please  don't  confuse  the  issue  though,  there  is  more  to  it than 
simply  teasing  the  stock  computer...

As  a  final  note,  and  somewhat  personal  one,  I  am disappointed 
that  individuals  who  have  the  intelligence  to ask  good  questions 
on  a  sophisticated  computer  network  do not  seem  to  use  that 
intelligence  to  verify  what  they hear.  Both  rumors  and  3rd  party 
reports  have  a  typical tendency  to  dispel  truth  and  fact.  The  net
 is  a  great  way  to get  information,  but  I  would  suggest  using 
that  info  mostly for  reference.  Investigate  what  interests  you  by 
going directly  to  the  source  and  you'll  be  wiser  for  it.

Oh,  and  remember:  in  the  world  of  corporate  combat  you'll find 
that  one  company  is  usually  always  putting  down another.


Trevor  Gurian.

T.P.SOfTWWRE+ROVI    RACING    904    68S    2279                    P.01

TEL. 904-683-3000 FAX 904-683-2279

European Spec 'CHIP' and Boost Upgrades. Your One Stop Audi Performance Shop

1106 Commercial Way (US 19)
Spring Hill, FL 34606

5000  T.Q.,  Audi  Q-  Coupe  T.,  Audi  200  T.Q.  10v.

1.  The  wastegate  is  located  toward  the  back  of  the  engine  in the
 vicinity  of  the  valve  cover.  It  is  a  bowl  shaped  cap with  six 
8 mm   nuts  around  the  rim.  By  removing  these  nuts you  will  gain 
access  to  the  wastegate  spring.  This  cap  will be  under  tension 
because  of  the  spring  so  be  sure  to  hold  it down  while  removing 
the  last  nut.;!

2.  With  all  six  nuts  removed  the  cap  will  slide  off  the studs. 
The  wastegate  spring  is  under  it  and  will  be  loose  at this 
point,  so  use  care  not  to  let  it  fall.

3.  Remove  the  stock  spring  and  replace  it  with  the  up-grade
spring.  Re-install  the  wastegate  cap  and  the  six  nuts.  The nuts 
should  be  torqued  snug,  but  not  so  tight  as  to  split the  sealing
NOTE:  Our  wastegate  springs  have  been  engineered  to  provide between
 12.5  lbs  -  14  lbs  boost  pressure  at  the wastegate.  Once 
installation  of  the  up-grade  spring  is complete  boost  level  MUST 
be  verified  using  an  external pressure  gauge.  In  order  to 
ACCURATELY  read  boost  pressure, the  pressure  gauge  should  be  TEED 
in-line  to  the  hose  which leads  to  the  back  of  the  computer.  Do 
not  disconnect  the hose  from  the  computer  for  testing  as  the 
computer  relies  on readings  from  this  hose  to  properly  run  the 

4.  With  the  pressure  gauge  installed,  you  may  now  test  the car. 
The  engine  should  be  under  load  to  attain  a  proper boost  reading.
 You  may  load  the  engine  one  of  two  ways; Either  by  driving  in 
fourth  gear  at  4000  rpm  and  flooring it.  Or  by  driving  in  3rd 
gear  under  hard  acceleration  but feathering  the  brake  so  as  to 
keep  the  car  from  accelerating too  fast.  Do  not  allow  boost 
pressure  to  exceed  14  lbs!  If the  needle  on  the  gauge  begins  to 
rise  past  14  lbs,  back  off the  accelerator  immediately.

TEL. 904-683-3000 FAX 904-683-2279


European Spec 'CHIP' and Boost Upgrades. Your One Stop Audi Performance Shop


1106 Commercial Way (US 19)
Spring Hill, FL 34606

5.  If  boost  pressure  is  either  too  high  or  too  low  you  may
adjust  the  wastegate  spring  tension  in  the  following  manner. On 
top  of  the  wastegate  cover  is  a  small  disc  about  the  size of  a 
nickel.  Remove  this  disc  and  you  will  see  underneath  it an  allen 
head  bolt.  This  is  the  wastegate  spring  tension adjuster.  If  your 
initial  boost  pressure  reading  was  too high,  you  will  need  to 
lessen  the  tension  by  turning  the adjuster  screw  counter  clockwise.
 It  the  reading  was  too low,  turn  the  adjuster  clockwise.  For 
reference,  each  two turns  of  the  adjuster  screw  provides  approx. 
one  pound variation  in  boost  pressure.  i.e.  If  initial  pressure 
was  13 lbs,  two  clockwise  turns  of  the  adjuster  will  bring  the
pressure  to  approx.  14  lbs.  Mind  you,  not  all  cars  are created 
equal!  So  use  this  reference  only  as  a guide.  Remember,  it's 
what's  on  the  boost  gauge  that counts.  The  maximum  allowable  boost
 pressure  is  14

Total  Audi  Performance  will  assume  no  responsibility  and/or
liability  for  wrong  adjustment  of  the  boost.  Any  damage which 
occurs  to  the  engine  or  any  other  part  of  the  car  will be  the 
sole  responsibility  of  the  installer.   Technical assistance  is 
available  by  calling  904-683-3000  between
9:00  am  and  4:30  p.m.  EST.